Recruitment Selection

Using psychometrics, SQI helps organisations assess candidates’ work personalities and psychological suitability, selecting the best job fit, especially crucial across all job roles. Our reports can also be customised for specific job positions, industries and organisations.

Talent Management

Talent Management

Distinguishing high potentials from high performers, our reports help to identify leaders for succession planning. From prioritising more important yet latent attributes, organisations gain key insights to a talent’s essential attributes and their psychological readiness for the position.


Learning & Development

More than identifying candidates for the correct roles, SQI’s reports can assess and reveal blind spots in workplace behaviour. This provides insights on how existing employees lead self, interact with others, handle tasks and manage change. The fewer blind spots they have, the more psychologically ready they are.

Our Partners

Predictive Power of SQI

Validated by NTU’s division of Psychology, SQI’s personality tests have shown high predictive power in determining employee psychological readiness, work behaviours and blindspots.

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