Cheryl LAU, Manager, Community Mental Health Division


Thank you Frederick! I really enjoyed our coaching session this morning and during our training. I really like the profiling survey you created.  It is awesomely accurate!

Joyce Housien, Business Manager

Fuji Xerox Singapore

Very good to understand your natural preferences and also identify areas of improvements. This would certainly help in building or creating team dynamics and how a person / potential employee fit into the core values of an organization. The overall value of my experience with the 1 to 1 interpretation of the Success Quotient Report have exceeded my expectations.

Christian Derbez, Global Marketing Director Global Textile Effects,

Huntsman Corporation

The sessions were good and insightful. The first one was particularly good as the interpretation of the Success Quotient report was very well carried out. It led to specific areas of focus, narrowed down to the key things, and provoked thought. The last session was very good again to give closure and assess progress made and areas of adjustment. Thank you very much for your time and the personal interest you have shown, Frederick. I have sincerely appreciated it.

Vivenne Chan, Director of Marketing


Great one hour session that I felt was well spent. Analytical and provides constructive feedback for personal and team development.

Liang Jihong, Head of Research and Development

Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd

The sessions went very well and I feel that I have gained a lot already. First of all, I appreciate Frederick’s patience in listening to me, and in understanding what I do, what I enjoy at work and what issues that I am faced with. The profiles from the Success Quotient Intelligence Report describe me extremely well. I understood there is a lot of scientific research behind the design of the test, which strongly convinced someone like me with a strong technical background. The areas that I need to improve fit well with the feedback I received from colleagues and leaders in the past. The discussion was right on the challenges that I had in real time. That was very helpful.

Samantha Tan, Customer Service Manager

Milliken Asia

The accuracy of the SQI Report and the overall value of the SQI experience have exceeded my expectations. It is very helpful that from the report I can understand myself better. By using Dr Fred’s method to work on some of the cases and people, it really made the difference and the responses I gotten were very positive. I am very happy that my boss enrolls me for the coaching program. There are really a lot of things that I can learn from Dr Fred. Appreciate the guidance and notes given by Dr Fred.

Salim Solaiman, Director of Business Development

Novartis Singapore

It was a great experience of being attached with Fred who is a great coach. It was a refreshing experience each time we had our sessions together. The coaching using SQI system is very effective in understanding what is important for personal breakthrough. He has met my expectations in all the sessions and the experience of a new breakthrough is absolutely wonderful!